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Welcome to Redmail

Redmail is the latest in robust, secure personal email technology providing anti-virus, spam filtering, calendaring and webmail all for a low annual price.  Our web client works with all major browsers and allows you to filter out or delete SPAM before it hits your mailbox.


You can read your mail online using your favourite Web browser, or you can download your email using POP3/IMAP to view in your favourite mail client (such as Outlook Express, Mulberry, Eudora, etc) and because we adhere to the core Internet Standards for email, you can use any client you like with our service so long as it complies with those same standards .. the list is endless!

Whether you choose to use redmail.com from an Internet Cafe, your laptop on the road, or in the comfort of your own home the service is simple, fun and easy to use.

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