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Redmail is one of the most fully featured web mail clients around with support for Calendaring (including iCal and Outlook support), powerful rules processing, multiple mailboxes, spam filtering and virus scanning all built in - it's truly one of the leaders of the pack!

Mail Client Support

Not content with that, we also allow you to access your mail using both POP3 and IMAP (including IMAP IDLE) at no extra charge - so you can use Redmail with your favourite mail clients easily and simply

Personal Address Book

Redmail's webmail client includes your own personal address book which you can use to store all those niggly addresses of your friends and colleagues

Spell Checker

Redmail's webmail client even comes with an integrated spell checker which supports English (both British and American), Welsh, Irish, Catalan, Spanish, Italian and German. If your language isn't there, let us know and we'll try to add it!

ActiveSync™ / Exchange client support

Sync your email, calendars and contacts to your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile) using native ActiveSync (Exchange) support for instant notifications of new email and appointments.

Native Outlook 2013 Support

Native support for Outlook 2013 Calendars, Contacts and mail using ActiveSync™ technology. ActiveSync™ is available with our professional upgrade. Speak to Support to find out how to upgrade.

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ActiveSync, Outlook and Exchange are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation and are used under license

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