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Why Choose Redmail?

Redmail gives you:

  • 5Gb of email storage as standard (with options up to 100Gb)
  • Virus Scanning included as standard
  • Spam Scoring included as standard
  • Server Side Rules as standard (allow you to filter to multiple mail boxes)
  • Vacation message as standard
  • POP3 access
  • IMAP and push email with IMAP IDLE
  • Web based access
  • Calendaring features (including sharing and remote publish)
  • Address book feature
  • Exchange ActiveSync™ support (optional upgrade)
  • Secure / Signed emails using Domain Keys
  • Spam protection using Sender Policy Framework
  • Authenticated SMTP services (port 25, 587 and 2025)

With 80% of charge backs reportedly originating from major webmail services, more and more e-commerce sites are refusing to allow purchases from these addresses - especially as it is nigh on impossible to trace a customer back through a 'free' email address if they've used a stolen credit card / etc.

Because customers are paying for their redmail.com address (and if they don't pay, their email address doesn't work) merchants can be secure in the knowledge that the email has originated from a verified person / address. Whilst this isn't a cast iron guarantee .. they are more likely to accept orders from a redmail.com address because it isn't a "classic" free account.

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